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Our Slipper Rocker is built with 4-slats and was originally designed with new mothers in mind. Its low center of gravity is ideal for holding and rocking a newborn and then being able to easily stand while still holding the baby. This chair is also great for musicians playing guitar and banjo, and it is becoming popular for video game players.


Woody’s Chair Shop acquires wood “on the stump” and then mills the logs to appropriate specifications. These boards will stay outside and dry naturally, for up to two years. This allows the wood to age over time which is what gives our chairs their strength and rich color. At the heart of our process is the method that has been handed down for generations for the bending of the back slats. No glue or nails are used in the weight-bearing parts of the chair. 

Slipper Rocker

  • You may choose from cherry, black walnut, maple, or oak.


    Chairs can be produced in your choice of one of three styles:


    • Chalet – Our most popular style.  It is at home in traditional, contemporary, and eclectic décor.
    • Colonial – Simple, but with understated elegance and graceful details.
    • Betsy Ross – Our most complex, highly detailed design. Especially popular in rocking chairs and other chairs to be highlighted in your room.


    Each piece is given a hand-rubbed oil finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. The finish is almost indestructible and will withstand years of normal wear and tear without chipping or scratching. The chair seats are a woven textile fiber sealed with a coat of clear shellac.

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